Ricky Young w/  Bettia Carey - 9/8/20                                                        Ricky Young w/ Lee Ronanov - 9/7/20









    Ricky Young w/ Beverly Oliver -8/26/20                                                                Ricky Young w/ Jim Stovall - 8/25/20









                 Rick Young w/ Marc Reklau 8-9-20                                                     Rick Young w/ Sparkle Green 8-8-20










Ricky Young w/ Eli Marcus - 8/7/20                          Ricky Young w/ Luciane Serifovic - 8/6/20









         Ricky Young w/ Todd Courtney 8-5-20                                                   Rick Young w/ Stan Harris    8-4-20                                                                               







                Rick Young w/ Humberto Romero-Gonzalez 8-3-20                                        Rick Young w/ Dr. Herb Harris 8-2-20








             Rick Young with Robert E. Criner   7-24-20                                                    Rick Young with Wali Abdun Noor  4-22-20

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